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Unannounced follow-up checks

This was developed by the PTI companies as additional control instrument in order to measure and evaluate the quality of main inspections already made. Two auditors of different PTI companies control the vehicle again and compare their result with the result of the main inspection made before. The result is documented and deviations are noted. These check reports are made anonymous and sent to the QM e.V. for central registration.

The result is also given to the PTI companies belonging to the inspector in question and the PTI companies can work out – if necessary – measures to avoid such different evaluations.


The unannounced follow-up check is made in a uniform way according to a process instruction agreed upon by all PTI companies. This instruction defines more precisely the process instruction for quality controls. The mentioned control instruments, product audit, hidden tests and quality circles still persist and must be executed and demonstrated in responsibility of PTI companies.


Uniform standards to execute, record and evaluate are the basic condition so that later results can be compared at all. The auditors are instructed and skilled substantially. A regular exchange of experience among the auditors of the different regional PTI companies ensures that the same facts are evaluated equally.

Neutrality and objectivity

The fact that the auditor teams are built up permantely new ensures that results are found out neutrally and objectively. The documentation is made and signed by both auditors. The results are discussed with the inspector on the spot. The inspector signs the results on the form and therefore accepts the evaulation.

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