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Comments on association

Dr. Gerd Neumann

Managing Director DEKRA Automobil GmbH

"The establishment of the Quality-Management Association and its successful work have put quality-management for vehicle monitoring on a new level in Germany. Unannounced follow-up checks by teams of testing engineers from different PTI organizations are a useful tool with regard to both road safety and consumer protection.

The unique pan-European system that the QM Association in Germany embraces is a model that has been met with great interest in Germany and increasingly also in other countries.

Vehicle technology is evolving rapidly, and the legal bases for vehicle monitoring have to keep pace. Against this background, independent quality control with the establishment of a central oversight body is becoming increasingly important. The QM Association can make a significant contribution with its efficient structures and expertise."

Patrick Fruth

Managing Director TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH

“With the periodical technical inspection (PTI) our experts and inspection engineers ensure that mobility, which is an essential component of our society, takes place at the highest level of safety possible. It’s important that the results of the PTI are gathered on the basis of the applicable laws and are not subject to competition. The unannounced follow-up check alone, which since 2008 has been done using the four-eye principle across the organization, has led to sustainable protection of the quality of testing. It’s increasingly important especially in regard to new vehicle technologies and increasing automation that the systems function reliably. The auditors for the QM Association thereby make an important contribution to ensuring high-quality testing and safe mobility."

Robert Köstler

Managing Director GTÜ - Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung mbH

"The GTÜ and its partners are constantly committed to a high quality of testing. The cross-organizational quality work in the QM e.V. is an important element in sustainably supporting testing engineers as well as workshop partners in their responsibility to contribute as best as possible to road safety. A special thanks in this regard is owed to the high level of commitment of the auditors and their active work and the high acceptance of quality controls amongst the testing engineers."

Hartmut Abeln

Managing Director TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG

"With 200 PTI stations of TÜV and innovative services for workshops, dealers, and private customers, we represent safety, trust, and especially quality nationwide. Active participation in the quality offensive and the QM Association is just the logical continuation of our own quality standards."

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Brauckmann

Member (res. Mobility) of Management Board TÜV Rheinland

"Through mutual quality review, we can use these results for the optimization of internal processes. The desire to always deliver the best quality and to minimize human error in work is what real quality assurance means for us. This is how we maintain quality at the highest level together with all PTI organizations. The QM Association for vehicle inspections has earned the recognition of the authorities, ministries, and the vehicle industry."

Volker Höhnisch

Chairman of Management Board TÜV Thüringen e.V.

"On behalf of the legislature and with confidence in us as a PTI organization, our employees work with high expertise and pride every day to ensure the safety of our streets.With the QM Association and its continuous and binding work, we as a PTI organization have found an appropriate tool that reliably supports us in our individual measures for maintaining our high quality standards in PTI system."

Ralf Strunk

Managing Director TÜV Rheinland Kraftfahrt GmbH and

Managing Director FSP

"The PTI organizations 'create’ road safety through a variety of activities. The PTI is a key factor. With regard to new vehicle technology, the PTI also has to be ‘tested’ regularly in terms of content and testing procedures.

We take up this responsibility in cross-company working groups. Alongside the introduction of new testing devises, such as the PTI adapter on 01 July 2015, we always also have a critical eye on the quality of the work. A certain potential for error in daily work cannot be eliminated completely. That’s why we ensure quality in a twofold way. On the one hand, we do it through our own measures, and on the other hand through the 'unannounced follow-up checks-system' which has become an integral component of quality assurance. These neutral and cross-competition audits provide an assurance of the quality of the work but also show us potential for optimization, where we can dig deeper in particular cases if necessary."

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